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Hay Carrier by Walter Berger

Sick off getting hay all over yourself while carrying a few biscuits of it to that ever-starving mouth in the paddock? Here is my solution. This will carry anything up to half a bale of hay, depending how keen you are.

First you get one of the dozens of old chaff bags that are lying around, one of the ones where the seams are sown flat, not pleated. You’ll also need an old broom handle or a bit of dowel or a piece of bamboo. Two pieces are needed just a little bit shorter than the chaff bag is wide. The last thing you need are a couple of lengths of webbing about a meter long. Those old leg straps will do from the rug, which was destroyed in that last rolling frenzy.

First sew in the two pieces of broomstick into the ends of the chaff bag. You might have to turn over the open end of the chaff bag to do so, bit easier on the closed end. Just put the stick in the bottom of the bag and sew across the bag. The webbing handles are best wrapped around the broomstick and sewn back onto itself. Just poke a small hole through the bag to push the webbing through. You can also sew the webbing onto the bag for strength. If you haven’t got a sewing machine or needle and thread (how do you put those buttons back on?), you could probably improvise with baling twine and a piece of wire.

Hey presto, one equine meals carrier.

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