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I found this great recipe for insect repellent for your horse. As I live in Gembrook, there are thousands of small and rather large BUZZARDS around to annoy my very grumpy horse. I have tried all sorts of things to make her life a little less stressful, including tropical strength Aeroguard and very expensive horse versions thereof, none of which worked particularly well. I know she's a Clydesdale cross and supposed to be tough, but neither does she like the flies, nor does her skin like to be sprayed with all sorts of chemicals all the time in summer. Have you ever read what’s in those fly sprays?????? Anyway, I mixed up a batch of this,

300 mls Cider Vinegar 150 mls Chamomile tea 4 drops Eucalyptus oil 20 drops Citronella oil 20 drops Pennyroyal oil 10 drops Peppermint oil (optional)


Mix into a 450 ml plastic spray bottle and spray as often as you like all over your horse. (Not on the face) Or you can make up a larger batch and actually sponge it onto your horse’s body. If you have a white horse it will turn him yellow for a day or so, but they are only tea stains and do wash out reasonably easy. The fly repellent costs about $28.00 to make up, but you will have enough oils to last you all summer. All you have to do is make up some more Vinegar and Chamomile tea and then add your drops of oil. It smells OK too. Kind of fresh but fruity. AND NO CHEMICALS

Also try rubbing Cider Vinegar well into the coronet bands on your horse’s feet. This is a favourite spot for the March flies and keeps them away for a few hours at least.

KEROSINE Kills bot eggs, so if you haven't got time to pick them off rub them down with a rag soaked in Kero and pick them off later. This way the eggs won't hatch.

BABY OIL can be rubbed underneath your horse’s eyes. Flies cannot land on the oil and crawl into the eye. But don't apply above the eye as it can run down into the eye especially in the heat.

None of these things are expensive, and they are actually very effective

 Try the fly repellent I was surprised. You’ll find all the ingredients you need in any health food shops.


Simone & Verity

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