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Carrots – Are they safe for my horse?

Carrots – Are they safe for my horse? We have all feed carrots to our horse, as a treat, reward, training tool or as an extra sprinkle to their feed- but have you ever stopped to...


Why Is Roundness Important?

If you’ve ever sat on a stiff horse, you know it’s not a comfortable ride. But have you ever considered that it’s not comfortable for the horse either? When your horse is hollow and stiff, he...


Canter Departs

Young horses are notorious for trotting clumsily into a canter. It’s hard for them to balance the weight of a rider and still get all those feet in the right places to step into the gait...

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Paige Jardine’s “Rollercoaster” Year 

If there is a central theme to Australian Paige Jardine’s show jumping career so far, its resiliency. To be sure, that’s not a new concept for horsemen—or athletes, in general. But the stakes are undeniably higher...


Water Treadmills vs. Swimming for Horses

Water treadmills and swimming can be useful when rehabilitating or conditioning horses. Learn how to choose the right option for your horse based on your goals. Source: Water Treadmills vs. Swimming for Horses


Australian Sports Foundation – Megan Jones dreams Big

Support Megan Jones in her Dream Big plans An elite three-day event rider, amazing wife, caring mother and an inspirational woman who is dedicated to the creation of exceptional experiences in equestrian. Tax-deductible sports fundraising for...

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Smith Takes Kentucky and Her First 5* Title

There were tears. There were goosebumps. There were fist pumps aplenty as Tamie Smith (USA) and Mai Baum delivered an absolutely foot perfect show jumping round to win the 2023 edition of the Land Rover Kentucky...