Pick the Horse

“You look cute in that,” the person I love said when he first saw me in barn clothes. There was hay in my hair. The ratty t-shirt and jeans I wore to feed and clean stalls...

#HallofFameThursday: High Jumping Legend Fred Wettach Jr.

Each week on #HallOfFameThursday, Horse Network recognizes members of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame with an inductee’s plaque, historical photos and, on the first Thursday of every month, an article written by a Show Jumping Hall of Famer. This...

What’s the Point?

Jim Wofford explains why incorporating dressage in an event horse’s training is effective … up to a point. Source: What’s the Point?

How Do Horses Carry Us?

Do you ever wonder how you can optimise your horse’s back strength? Read on 🙂 Source: How Do Horses Carry Us?

How to listen to your horse

Horses are asking us questions all the time, says the author of the book, Horse Speak, and with practice you can learn to answer appropriately—and start a meaningful conversation. Source: How to listen to your horse

Equine Depth Perception

Understanding how your horse sees the world and how it applies to his training Source: Equine Depth Perception

Tokyo Olympic Horses and Riders All Test Drug Free

There may have been controversy over the format changes in the equestrian competitions at Tokyo 2020, but no one will be able to dispute that these Olympic Games have been a triumph for clean sport. The...