No Glasses for Mister Ed

The other morning after having washed my face I reached for my glasses and wondered, for the first time in my life, if horses ever need glasses. They certainly spot things we don’t, and can judge...

How to Feed the Toothless Horse

How to Feed the Toothless Horse As owners, we are doing a wonderful job looking after our horses. They are living longer and happier lives. They are performing well into their senior years. We have perfected...

Any Spine is Fine

Some years ago, I learned from the game show Jeopardy that Arabian horses have one less vertebra than all other horses. I thought, well, wouldn’t that make an interesting thing to write about? And it does....

Horseradish Isn’t for Horses and Other Ironies

Naturally, I’m drawn to the vegetable horseradish. A root vegetable no less. My initial interest was the name, why “horse” radish instead of say, “cat” radish? As usual, I entered one of my #horsewordnerd investigates scenarios...

Why We Measure Horses in Hands

“I can’t talk right now; I have 16 hands between my legs.” Fifteen years on and I still remember the moment my boss spouted out that gem. She was a woman working in a man’s world...

Ride Like A Rock Star

Trainer Holly Hugo-Vidal shares four exercises that will lead to better distances. Source: Ride Like A Rock Star

AAEP Convention 2021 Briefs: Equine Coronavirus

The difference between COVID-19 and Equine Coronavirus—and should horse owners be worried? SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19 You’ve probably heard the stories of big cats Source: AAEP Convention 2021 Briefs: Equine Coronavirus

Fearless Flying Changes

Steffen Peters, Dr. Volker Moritz and Uwe Mechlem talk with FEI “I” judge and former Canadian dressage team member Lorraine Stubbs on the fine points of the flying change. Source: Fearless Flying Changes