A successful return to eventing at Wandin Park International Horse Event

IT’s been 2 years in the making due to to disruptions in competition in the past, but a big weekend at Wandin for myself and Griffin was succesful.

11th after dressage in a very high quality field with ourselves only being 5 points behind the leader on a 28.9 penalties. Sub 30, not much to complain about there.

Show jumping was clear and very influential moving us up to 4th. And then the long awaited for cross country. We did have a brief moment over part B of the Prydes feed wagon, but managed to launch over it. Little bit slow on the first half of the course, but plenty of fuel in the tank to make up time. Ripper xc at 80 cm for the first time back after a long time clear with 4 seconds under time ???

Thanks to my sponsors The Trading Stables https://www.tradingstables.com.au