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Manolo’s Message

Manolo Mendez, Professor of Classical Dressage, Head Rider from the Royal Spanish School in Jerez (home of the 2002 World Equestrian Games discusses, in a series of articles, training the horse … from the very first kindergarten days all the way to Grand Prix

 In training for dressage, one of the most damaging things we can do to a horse - especially a young horse - is demand an “outline”. A beautiful outline is something that will, if the training is correct, develop naturally over a period of years. To insist on it before the horse is ready can and does lead to premature breakdown in body, mind – and spirit.

New Clinic Dates announced Manolo Mendez!
Manolo Mendez Clinics
 21 July, 4 August

Australian Clinics at Jesmond Dene Stud Officer Sth. For details e-mail Kris at

Manolo is a former Head Rider of the Royal Spanish School in Jerez, Professor of Classical Dressage. For more information about the clinics please click here or for articles by Manolo click here
All levels of horse and rider, from preliminary level or equivalent to the highest international standard. Private, Part private and Group lessons(small groups) available. Bookings essential.

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