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Member Comment

Thankyou for all the positive feedback received  for the information provided to you on

Please feel free to submit your comments in an e-mail to me.

Here are some of the comments received. Check out the poem from Des Miller.

This seems to be the foundations of a great web site and I  found it in the "Chaff Chat" mag.  You may want to have a look at the Pony Club  Association of Victoria site.  It has some good ideas like rope  halters.
I run the Non Owners at Monash Pony Club and one of our  favourites is Hoof Oil maybe you could add this to your web site.
Karen Sampson

Just had a look at your web  site........FANTASTIC!
A job well done!
Will put a note to our members informing them of the  site.
Rachael Edwards

What a delight to find the interim programme and site map on the Net.
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!
Looking forward to seeing the results, reports and (hopefully) lots of pictures, too.
Keep up the good work and Good Luck with!
Mark Waite

I just wanted to say thankyou for providing HRCAV people with a website.
I have added it to my "favourites" and shall visit often. We're getting out and about again now, so I shall hope to submit some articles from comps should they be of interest to you.
Once again, many thanks.
Trish Kruse

 Fantastic!!!  It's such a thrill to be able to see all  the results for all riders and clubs - thank you for making it happen.
Merylin Glowrey

A Tribute To You All - From a first Time HT Competitor.......

My goal this year was very clear,
I wanted my horse to do a XC Course.
I only had four weeks to school ,
So I wouldn't look too much like a fool.

The venue was great, the people were nice,
The organisers were helpful, and keen to give advice.
The scoring was impeccable -  thanks dear Di,
The course was "Thanks to Walter", and made my horse "fly".

The Dressage was great, we were near the lead,
The Showjumping was less successful, which made my heart bleed.
Next was the CC , and tears did I cry,
As I walked the course I thought, "I MUST try...."

The next day was hard, I was full of dread,
What would happen if I fell on my head?
My goal was near, and nearly achieved,
I had to prove that my "showhorse" was a versatile steed.

Of we went with a "YAHOO" and a scream,
We were jumping X-Country - oh what a dream!!!
We could be heard from near and far, but it helped us get around,
And as it happened - I did not even touch the ground.

A stop at the brush fence and at the water jump,
Saw our score fall into somewhat of a slump.
But it didn't matter, BECAUSE WE GOT AROUND
And I didn't get eliminated, a new feeling of elation had I found!!!!!

Thanks to all of you for such a great day,
Your dedication and encouragement made me want to stay.
I now look forward eagerly to my next X-Country competition,
Something which without your very encouraging day - I know I wouldn't be wishin'.

Thanks again All...
Des Miller
Very Ecstatic Level 5 competitor


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