Competing at Trafalgar Combined Training

First jumping outing in a couple of months since Occy’s knee injury. Early start. Had to leave at 6.30 to get here on time. Occy was remarkably quiet in the warm up for his first dressage test. Too quiet. Lazy actually. Between that, a wrong canter lead and breaking in the walk not a brilliant test. Showjump warm up was better. Cleared all jumps calmly except one knock down. Between those 4 penalties and the fact I get 5 penalties for jumping a level lower than I an assessed for dressage, I an not expecting a placing. One level 2 straight dressage test to go and I get to go home. Again Occy’s lazy mood means I am not expecting anything startling.


The farrier has been. Due to Occy taking a large chunk of hoof off the inside of his foot when he somehow ripped his shoe off last week, a good part of the new shoe was exposed and likely to be stepped on again. So we decided it should be ground down. And for best fit it was done after it was nailed on. Just as well he is sensible about these things. It was a first for both of us. Occy got an apple for his bravery 🙂 . Regards Walter

Blog Posts now take images and video

A new improvement has been made to The HorseOz Website. WordPress blog is now able to receive remote posts from myself. The Blog site automatically checks every hour und updates the site. I will be able to do live updates from where ever I am from my mobile 🙂 including photos and Video. This will make for much improved communication for any results or news from Equestrian Events and Competitions I attend. Hopefully I will be able to attend many.

Regards Walter

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Hello Horse World

Welcome to the world of HorseOz Blogging. I hope to provide equestrian relevant articles and links here ass time goes by. And not just competition results. Things like Horse Health, Grazing Management, Rider fitness and anything else I stumble across in my travels.

Hopefully all of this will help to make your eventing, showjumping or dressage easier and more fun. If you only do trail riding this will of course also be relevant as you still need to be fit to be fair to your athletic partner, the Horse