Final Yeringberg Horse trials post, didn’t end up too wet, but it wasn’t warm. Summer is over.

Cross Country did not go quite as planned today. The weather couldn’t make up its mind whether to rain or not and Occy couldn’t make up his mind whether to jump number 8 or not.  It didn’t rain (much), neither did Occy. Jump the jump that is. I made up his mind for the second time round. Only 13 seconds over time, and the Vet said about Occy any fitter he’d be dangerous. All up we ended up about 20th, only a couple of places behind my coach. I will need to build a couple of boxy type cross country jumps at my place and paint them really bright colours.

Couldn’t resist taking this one. Honest the truck with the Petfood sign was dropping off hay, not picking up a potential meal J

Also a couple of clips of Will Enzinger and Murray Lampard

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Yeringberg horse trials today

Got there at 8.40 this morning and was parked and checked in by 9. Ended up having to park almost back down the road which meant about a 10 minute walk up and back to the secretary’s office if you walked quickly L.  It rained intermittently and I had just enough time to put studs in the back before getting up to gear check and warming up for the dressage. They were using the old EA 1.2 tests for the Prelim. Beep goes the horn. Enter at A. Was going fine until I halted at X and saluted. Beep goes the horn. No halt after entering in this test. Doh. There was quite a few of these errors happening.  Still ended up 12th after dressage. Put the front studs in for the showjumping, which didn’t go quite as smooth as I would have liked, but still only one rail (jump number 5 claimed a lot of victims) and under time to end up 10th.

Finally some pictures of myself and Occy competing in his alter ego as Compadre

Cockatoo Jump Trials 2009.

Cockatoo Jump Trials 2010

Tonimbuk 2008

Tonimbuk 2010

Tonimbuk 2010

Tooradin 2009

Wandin Nov 2009

All Pictures have been taken by Derek O’Leary. His new website ordering system is great you can have favourites and compare pictures and everything.

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Wandin Horsetrials Crosscountry day

Just a summary of yesterday first from showjumping. I We He got a rail. 5 and 6 were related jumps and Compadre (Occy) had a look at 5 jumped big and got in too deep for 6 and took down the front rail of the oxer. 22nd after dressage on 45 penalties and leader about 15 points ahead. After sj we snuck up to 18th but about 20 points behind leader.


Cross country went well and we were going well speed wise about halfway round. But wd lost some time through the 3 elements of the water and the drop to come in 5 seconds over time. Came in wit heart rate of 120 and recovered to 80 so Occy’s fitness is fine 🙂

Video is of Rebekah McDougal riding ESB Irish Patience in the one star on the new Wandin showjumping arena Regards

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