Tooradin Horse Trials October 2009

Another Horse Trials which I almost did not get to compete at as I ended up on the waiting list. Did not get a spot confirmed until the morning before. Dressage (very civilised time of 10.55 am) went well putting me in 11th spot. Showjumping in the afternoon did not go quite as smoothly with Occy looking at the Judge instead of jump 2 and getting a rail plus another rail later in the course.

Cross Country went very well on the Sunday. I did get slightly geographically embarrassed between jumps 7 and 9, but managed to find jump 8 after a quick circle back. And I did walk that part of the course 4 times as I knew navigation could be tricky at speed. I was right. Clear with 5.2 time penalties, putting me in 10th spot overall. No ribbon but a good comp. Just need to continue to work on the Showjumping.

Occy chilling out with his ice boots

Pre Novice Cross Country

2 star Showjumping

Avenal Horse Trials @ Oaklands Huntclub

This is our first overnight trip with the yards. Had some time between the dressage test and showjumping about 3.40 to set them up. It was almost a 2 hour trip to get here and unfortunately Occy couldn’t quite hold on until we got here. Hope it dries out by the time I need to sleep in the Float.
This is also Occy’s first time under his new competition name Compadre πŸ™‚
Compadre (Occy) in yard

A short clip from the Introductory Cross Country

Show Jumping Rider No 53

The horsetrials are currently held at the Oaklands Huntclub. And here is the proof at a demo ride from the Hunt.

Compadre (Occy) and myself ended up doing ok. 18th after dressage, 15th after Showjumping with one rail down (Occy had a look at the Oxer used for the first jump) and 7th after Cross country. He was quick and clear, 18 seconds under, needing me to slow him down at the end. Heart rate of 58 πŸ™‚

The Horse: High-Octane Diets

It probably comes as no surprise that a horse taking on the rigors of a 100-mile endurance race or a three-day event might need a different diet from one that ambles the trails around home or carries a child through the occasional weekend show. The question is, just how should the feeding plan differ for these high-performance equine athletes?

The Horse: High-Octane Diets

Melton Plains RC Horse Trials

Another long day. Left at 6am to get here by 8.30. Dressage was average leaving me 6th. Crosscountry started a bit over an hour late, which would not have been that bad, had the riders been told. But as it was the horses had to wait under saddle πŸ™ . Ended up 5th even with a stop at the broken bridge due to Occy looking at the planks on it. Not being used to that as an acceptable footing surface for crosscountry, he didn’t want to go on it at first. But otherwise fun for all.

Abby Loveday on Fairlight Acres Karl from Ballarat ARC Level 5

Level 2 The Broken Bridge

The Horse : Pilates for Horses?

Preliminary Research results suggest you can strengthen a horse’s core muscles to assist with healthe and performance.

“So far our studies have found that when the horses have done core training exercises for a few weeks, they have better posture, they stand better, they’re rounder, they’re more elevated through the withers, and they perform better, especially in the collected movements.” -Hilary M. Clayton, BVMS, PhD, MRCVS, Mary Anne McPhail Dressage Chair in Equine Sports Medicine at Michigan State University

The Horse: Pilates for Horses?

Study finds Expert and Novice Riders See Jumps differently

A study concludes that the training of riders in visual attention techniques might improve ridden performance and could reduce the number of accidents associated with lack of experience and/or rider error.

PubMed : The relationship between visual memory and rider expertise in a show-jumping context.

The Horse : Expert and Novice Riders See Jumps Differently, Study Says

Competing at Trafalgar Combined Training

First jumping outing in a couple of months since Occy’s knee injury. Early start. Had to leave at 6.30 to get here on time. Occy was remarkably quiet in the warm up for his first dressage test. Too quiet. Lazy actually. Between that, a wrong canter lead and breaking in the walk not a brilliant test. Showjump warm up was better. Cleared all jumps calmly except one knock down. Between those 4 penalties and the fact I get 5 penalties for jumping a level lower than I an assessed for dressage, I an not expecting a placing. One level 2 straight dressage test to go and I get to go home. Again Occy’s lazy mood means I am not expecting anything startling.


The farrier has been. Due to Occy taking a large chunk of hoof off the inside of his foot when he somehow ripped his shoe off last week, a good part of the new shoe was exposed and likely to be stepped on again. So we decided it should be ground down. And for best fit it was done after it was nailed on. Just as well he is sensible about these things. It was a first for both of us. Occy got an apple for his bravery πŸ™‚ . Regards Walter