Wandin Horsetrials Crosscountry day

Just a summary of yesterday first from showjumping. I We He got a rail. 5 and 6 were related jumps and Compadre (Occy) had a look at 5 jumped big and got in too deep for 6 and took down the front rail of the oxer. 22nd after dressage on 45 penalties and leader about 15 points ahead. After sj we snuck up to 18th but about 20 points behind leader.


Cross country went well and we were going well speed wise about halfway round. But wd lost some time through the 3 elements of the water and the drop to come in 5 seconds over time. Came in wit heart rate of 120 and recovered to 80 so Occy’s fitness is fine 🙂

Video is of Rebekah McDougal riding ESB Irish Patience in the one star on the new Wandin showjumping arena Regards

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Had a great ride yesterday

Took Occy out for a ride yesterday evening. Best ride I’ve had on him.  As we have spent a bit of time in the arena it was time for a stress free gallop and a bit of hill work. Took him down the creek track, which meant we had to cross the creek. A stationary water jump is one thing, but we have had arguments about the moving water bit. But today he only very briefly checked to see if I really did want to cross the creek. Then instead of a wild leap across it, it was a quite casual jump J. The gallop after was controllable. The few  Cross Country jumps I have were jumped calmly without backing off. All good signs for Wandin this weekend. Have another session with my coach tomorrow night to sharpen up the showjumping.

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Great riding weather

Did some showjump training on Thursday night with Will which went well apart from a couple of jumps in one round where Occy couldn’t really be bothered. Was good though in the end.

Last night I got home just in time for a ride out. Did a quick 45 minute lap on the tracks across the road and some interval training and hill work. The tracks are still soft enough without being slippery from the rain last weekend. Had 189mm here 😮

Will do some flat work today and try to film myself with the new camera so I can see what we are doing. Will have to get some mirrors on the arena at some stage so I can see what I can or should improve whilst riding.

Riding club rally tomorrow with flat and jumping, so gradually just getting everything better in preparation for Wandin next weekend and the future higher levels. Better get back outside and do some work now.

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Labour day Holiday – post Tonimbuk recovery

Was going to use today as recovery from the Tonimbuk horse trials, but now just ended up doing things at home in between showers and, off all things, riding. Took Jarrah the 23 year old out for a ride down the back. He would love to jump the Cross Country jumps I have, in his mind at least. He was never really capable when he was younger, so no chance now. I wouldn’t let him anyway J. Occy got the day off today as I rode him yesterday down the back and worked up a good sweat, so he has had 5 days on anyway.

Few branches down from the storm which I will clean up as they are blocking one of my longer tracks and one of the jumps.

Will have to see if I have time to pop down to Tonimbuk next Saturday to have a play. Good low stress opportunity really.

Tonimbuk Horse Trials 2010 Cross country cancelled due to Rain :-(

Heard through the grapevine that the Cross country is cancelled due to the rain overnight. Luckily the grapevine (thanks Vaughn) called me just as I was about to load up Occy back onto the float and drive back up. Another day off and too wet to do anything outside.
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A day home alone with Laura Bechtolsheimer & Klaus Balkenhol

It’s a Saturday and I got to stay home. Bizarre that. And its sort of raining. Perfect with catching up with some of my DVD watching. I have a couple of Laura Bechtolsheimer dressage training videos from www.horsehero.com which are excellent. Both of them feature Klaus Balkenhol
Laura Bechtolsheimer works with Dan and Klaus Balkenhol
Laura Bechtolsheimer works with Dan and Klaus Balkenhol

as her coach, with some very clear translation done by Dr. Bechtolsheimer. The Future Stars DVD also includes a very clear portion on Long Reining, portions of which can and should be also used for lunging a horse. Lots of transitions and changes rather than a senseless chasing of a horse in circles. It is worth getting this DVD just for this. But then again the section with Klaus Balkenhol, Laura Bechtolsheimer and the 4 year old Joey, is superb.

But my favourite DVD is the one that concentrates on Laura’s horse Dankeschoen (Dan to his friends). It is a progression of training over several months of Laura riding Dan by herself and explaining what she is doing with the warm up and exercises. This includes training for lateral movements from shoulder in to travers and renvers including required aids to help the horse. The DVD It even shows how Laura handles things when they go slightly wrong, no staged training videos here. Better this way because for most of us things don’t always go right and we need to know how to deal with those times.

And through all of this Laura just talks on, not even out of breath. Once again you get to enjoy Klaus Balkenhol coaching Laura in the section dealing with the start of piaffe, and his experience really does show here.
Apart from the quality of the riding and the coaching on these DVDs, they have some of the best sound and video quality I have seen in a long time. Can’t really wait until the next rainy day to watch them again. Both DVDs are available from www.horseheroshop.com. It stopped raining, so better get back out there and ride now

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Horsefloat safety

Having just come back from my latest successful outing with Compadre and having some spare time for a change, I thought I’d give the float a quick once over. I usually make sure the tires have air in them and nothing is about to fall off, but that is obviously not enough. Having a closer look at the tires showed some uneven wear. In fact if you have a closer look at the photo you can see some shiny bits which are the steel tread. 😮

I’ll blame this on Bignose, sorry meant Occy as if usually parks his fat behind near that wheel. Must admit the other tires look a bit worn also so may need to go tire shopping to keep pony safe.

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Out and About

Been a busy few weeks since Australia Day, which was the first competition this year and the last one I have been to so far.

The Australia Day dressage comp ended up being on the grass, so the footing was a little bit firm. Occy did ok under the circumstance, even though not as active as I would have liked him. We ended up about midfield for the level 2 and in the lower third of the field for the Level 1 test. But was happy with the transitions I was getting and got some nice comments from the spectators.

Had Club Rally since then and a session with Manolo Mendez (more about him here http://www.horseoz.com/Manolo_Mendez_Articles/index.html) as well as training for an upcoming Showjumping Competition this weekend at Wyena plus trying to get Occy fit for a couple of horse trials.


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