The Horse | Bone Chips in Joints

Bone chips in a horse’s movable joints can compromise the animal’s ability to perform, and, in some cases, they can even end the animal’s career. However, not all bone chips are created equal. Some are so innocuous that they cause little or no hindrance to the horse’s well-being or ability to perform. Read more.

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Finally a video of myself riding

I’ve been sort of accused none of the videos are of myself. Well here it is and still taken by me. Which means the only bit of me you can see of me at one stage is a bit of my finger. Thats right no helmetcam. If anyone has one for me to use I would be happy to do so. That way you would get to see the back of Occy’s head. The horse in this video is Jarrah, my 23 year old.


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The Horse | Hydration and Electrolyte Depletion a Continual Challenge

In Schott’s presentation, “Challenges of Endurance Exercise: Hydration and Electrolyte Depletion,” Schott explained that exercising horses, particularly endurance competitors, can lose both body water and electrolyte stores that could lead to serious medical problems or even “exhausted horse syndrome” if not properly addressed.  Read More

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Busy week last week 1 jumping lesson with Adam, 1 dressage lesson with Julia and a comp on Sunday

As well as having 2 lessons I also did a bit of fitness work and then just a hack out. Jarrah the 23 year old managed to get a trail ride also and met a deer, which I don’t think impressed any of us at all. For a brief moment I got some lovely passage. A new set of shoes for everyone on Friday just rounded of the week before the weekend. Sunday was Upper Yarra dressage at Wesburn. Even though the slippery arena did nothing at all for Occy’s comfort level and forward, we still managed a 6th and a 7th. The little video clip is of Sharlene, a fellow Club Member on Shorty  (Short Stack) 4 year old Clydie Cross.


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Melton Horse trials

Had a long Sunday leaving home at 6.30am for the 2 hour dive to Melton for a 9.20 dressage test. Did a reasonable test with only a bit of tail swishing in the canter to be in 6th place. In the Cross Country we were doing fine up to jump 9 the Trakhener which had a bit of a tricky approach to it. Occy must have thought it just a touch too tricky and tried to turn right just before the jump, quickly. He didn’t quite manage to turn right as that was not part of my plan. But he turned enough to have me hanging off the side just far enough not to be able to crawl back on, and obviously getting back on once standing on the ground is not allowed, so my day was over. 6th Dressage, clear showjumping and would have been 3rd otherwise.

The video is of a fellow Club member Di doing her second horse trials on Stormy at Level 5, showing you don’t have to jump big to have fun. She did well to finish in 9th place and would have been 4th except for some time penalties in the Cross Country.

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Raining Freezing Wednesday – so much for the holidays and daytime riding

Because the Tuesday weather wasn’t supposed to be much better than today, my showjumping lesson was moved to Thursday. So apart from working on the HorseOz Classifieds site, which is now enabled for premium video content, haven’t done much outside. I checked the ponies to make sure they were cosy and warm under their winter rugs (I’m sure it was summer yesterday). Had a look at the dressage test for the horse trials this Sunday at Melton, but it’s pretty basic.

So Thursday showjumping, Friday just a bit of run out, Saturday a bit of dressage just to prepare for Sunday.

Had a dressage lesson with Julia today – tomorrow showjumping at Will’s

She made us work, or should that be she made me work Occy hard. Nothing like a bit of self motivation, and Occy doesn’t have a real good work ethic. The main thing was to slow down his tempo and still get him moving his legs with energy. So we were trying to work on 3 things. Rhythm, tempo and size of steps.

  • Rhythm is the regularity of the steps, like the regular ticking of the seconds.
  • Tempo is the speed of the ticking so to speak, to slow the tempo you try to make to seconds last longer.

I could get the tempo slowed with energy, then when asking him to lengthen the steps Occy would mostly try to speed up the rhythm the little cheat. I would love to have some mirrors on the arena at home to see what Occy does with his legs when I slow the Tempo. Anybody have any cost effective (cheap) ways to install an outdoor mirror?

I’m on holidays and yes you all don’t like me now. But I get to ride in daytime.

But it’s raining intermittently. Only had one ride out on Tuesday so for a bit of a gallop. Tracks were soft but slippery in places. Hoping the drizzle will stop so I can either smudge the arena or ride on it or hopefully both. Yes I know I can ride in the rain and wind without melting, but it’s a lot more pleasant and productive to ride in good conditions. Also have a few flat lessons booked over the next three weeks in an indoor with Julia Battams in a dry and cosy indoor.

I am also looking to get an extra three sets of jump wings so I can set up a more varied grid or course at home. Also need to work on my forward for jumping. I saw a video of myself at Wandin last March and do need to work on that forward issue.

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