24 July 2014

To beer or not to beer, that is the question

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Is it OK to feed beer to my horse? | Practical Horseman Magazine.

4 July 2014

Equestrian Australia WEG 2014 Nominations – Eventing

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Newsflash – Congratulations to the Eventing Team members for the World Equestrian Games 2014 – Chris Burton and TS Jamaimo – Sonja Johnson and Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison – Shane Rose and CP Qualified – Sam Griffiths and Paulank Brockagh – Paul Tapner and Kilronan – Bill Levett and Shannondale Titan

Equestrian Australia WEG Nominations – Eventing.

Don’t we all want a pony that jumps like that – Philippa Lindh & Two Tone Billy 125cm

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Philippa Lindh & Two Tone Billy 125cm – YouTube.

1 July 2014

HorseShape – Saddle fitting made accurate and easy with a hand held laser device.

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HorseShape – YouTube.

Australia’s Nominated Entries for Eventing Announced

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Congratulations to the following horse and rider combinations named on the list of Nominated Entries:

Craig Barrett & Sandhills Brillaire

Nat Blundell & Algebra

Chris Burton & TS Jamaimo/Graf Liberty

Sam Griffiths & Paulank Brockagh

Andrew Hoy & Rutherglen

Sonja Johnson & Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison

Bill Levett & Shannondale Titan/Improvise

Kevin McNab & Clifton Pinot

Shane Rose & CP Qualified

Paul Tapner & Kilronan

Stuart Tinney & Pluto Mio

The WEG eventing venue

Australia’s Nominated Entries for Eventing Announced.

29 June 2014

Victorian Eventers Association Awards 2014 – Rider of the Year Will Enzinger – Amateur Rider and also Groom of the Year Georgia Spangaro – Horse of the Year Sargent Crisp (ridden by Yona Lloyd)

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Victorian Eventers Association Awards 2014 | An Eventful Life.

17 June 2014

Final results for the Luhmühlen 2014 CCI 4 star **** – 3 Australians in the price money

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It was a sombre finish to this years event with the rider showing respect to the death of Benjamin Winter due to a fall on the Cross Country.  The president of the German Equestrian Federation, Breido Graf zu Rantzau, as well as the Team Trainer Chris Bartle, found some moving words in honour of Benjamin Winter. The competing riders collectively wore a black armband to mark their respect for Benjamin in the final show-jumping class.

After the conclusion and the prize giving ceremony there was no victory gallop this year, with the riders and their horses filing out quietly in respect.

At the simultaneously run 3 star Andrew Hoy (AUS) and Cheeky Calimbo won the CIC*** Meßmer Trophy (32.10). 

Click below for the 4 star results

Luhmuehlen CCI 4 star results 2014


15 June 2014

Tragic accident overshadows Luhmühlen CCI**** – Benjamin Winter (GER) sustains fatal injuries after a fall on course – more at

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Benjamin Winter (GER) suffered a fatal rotational fall at jump 20, with the horse being uninjured. We offer our condolences to Benjamin’s family and friends

The following is a translation of a statement by the Luhmühlen organising committee

The member of the Eventing Futures squad was flown by helicopter to the Trauma Hospital Hamburg Boberg. Unfortunately the doctors there were not able to stabilize him. TGL associate Michael Spethman showed deep concern: “As organizer, sponsor and riders, we are deeply dismayed and filled with great sadness. We will analyse the fall. The sport is not without risks, but for many years there has been active work to minimize these risk. The sport has many great moments, but this is a terrible moment. ”

The senior emergency physician voiced conjecture about how the accident happened: “Basically, the nature of the fall was fatal. Benjamin Winter’s fall was very unlucky. The speed and height of the obstacle were in my view are not decisive,” said Dr. Annette Lorey-Tews.

On questions regarding the general safety in eventing FEI Safety Advisor David O’Connor (USA) commented: “We knowingly choose this sport. It was a tragic accident, but we can not make the sport safer than life itself ”

The representative of the rider, Peter Thomsen, expressed his regret: “We are stunned. Benjamin has loved the sport. I think that it is in this sense that we should ride on”. This was confirmed by the mother of Benjamin Winter:” Benjamin has the lived for eventing and really looked forward to the four-star competition here in Luhmühlen. My son would wish that it goes on tomorrow”. In a meeting in the evening the riders decided that they want to continue in the competition in his spirit. A memorial ceremony is to be held at 11.00 clock at the showgrounds.

Original available at PM_Benjamin_Winter.pdf


Regards Walter

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14 June 2014

Lucinda Fredericks (AUS) on Flying Finish leading 2 Australians in Luhmühlen’s C CI**** in top 10 after dressage – free Classified Ads at

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Lucinda Fredericks leading the way

The ladies are ahead of the rest on the second day of dressage. With only 38.70 penalties Lucinda Fredericks takes the lead in the CCI**** presented by DHL Paket, whilst Sandra Auffarth and Opgun Louvo excited the crowd with a fabulous score of just 26.10 in the CIC*** Meßmer Trophy.

Lucinda Fredericks did not experience what we would call a “typical Friday 13th”, when the Australian rider took the lead in the late afternoon in Luhmühlen’s CCI****. With a score of 38.70 she was the only rider to stay below the 40 penalty mark. Her 12 year old gelding Flying Finish presented himself relaxed and with big expressive paces. Fredericks was clearly delighted, although she said to have kept an eye on the score board and felt she needed to “pull something out of the hat” to improve on the 7s. “Flying Finish always tries to please so I am completely overjoyed with our result.”

Although she thinks the cross-country course designed by Captain Mark Phillips is fair but tricky in places, she feels that being within the optimum time could be a challenge as her gelding is not quite as fast and nippy as she is used to from her other horses. “He just needs a little more time to see what’s in front of him”, commented Fredericks. However, two years ago the pair came second and she is hoping to give Flying Finish a chance to shine.

In second place is Germany’s Michael Jung with his 9 year old mare fischerRocana FST who is owned by him and his family. His score of 41.50 was well deserved as the mare presented herself with impressive attitude and expression. “She rode really well today and worked in a lovely outline. Now I am looking forward to a fantastic round tomorrow.” Only 0.50 penalties behind Jung lies currently Ingrid Klimke on Hale Bob on a score of 42.00.


Leaderboard CCI****

1.Lucinda FREDERICKS (AUS) Flying Finish            38,70

2.Michael JUNG (GER) fischerRocana FST    41,50

3.Ingrid KLIMKE (GER) Horseware Hale Bob            42,00

4.Elaine PEN (NED) Vira        43,20

5.Bettina HOY (GER) Designer 10      43,30

7.Tim PRICE (NZL) Wesko     43,80

6.William FOX-PITT (GBR) Cool Mountain    43,50

8.Christopher BURTON (AUS) Tempranillo 44,70

9.Oliver TOWNEND (GBR) Black Tie            45,00

10.Phillip DUTTON (USA) Mighty Nice         46,00



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12 June 2014

7 Things to Teach Your Trail Horse from EQUUS | EquiSearch | EQUUS Magazine

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7 Things to Teach Your Trail Horse from EQUUS | EquiSearch | EQUUS Magazine.

Some good advice here for not just trail horses, but basically any horse that you take anywhere apart from home. 
free classified ads at

9 June 2014

Melbourne International Horse Trials results, it’s Shane Rose’s and Sonja Johnson,s day

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CCI 3 star

The placings moved again after the last day of competition. Shane Rose on Shanghai Joe moved from third after cross-country to win after the Show jumping. Sonja had a mixed day incurring 8 penalties in her showjumping round on Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison and managing to hang onto second place. On her other ride for the weekend Belfast Mojito they managed one of the only two clear showjumping rounds for the day to move from fourth after cross country to third place.

To prove that whilst dressage is important but the jumping phases are crucial, Sonja Johnson on Belfast Mojito were originally coming eighteenth after dressage. The managed one of the only two double clear rounds for the weekend, the other being Shane Rose on Shanghai Joe.

1          Shane Rose on Shanghai Joe

2          Sonja Johnson on Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison

3          Sonja Johnson on Belfast Mojito

CCI 2 star

Western Australia’s Gabrielle Pither and her horse Max Almighty enjoyed two victory laps in quick succession at the Melbourne International Horse Trials (MIHT) after winning the  CCI2* competition on a score of 46.11 and as part of the winning Australian team in the Oceania Eventing Championships for Young Riders.

Gabrielle Pither said that riding in the Melbourne International Horse Trials has been amazing especially with Australia’s top riders competing at the event.

“To come away with two rugs and two situations like that was a little bit surreal but amazing.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I came over here because I hadn’t seen a lot of the competitors or anything of the courses, but Max Almighty pulled up just awesome, I couldn’t ask for a better horse today.

“The whole team situation was fantastic, we really got a chance to get to know each other and our competitors from New Zealand. Prue Barrett  and Michelle Graham have been incredible,” said Pither.

The top three spots in the CCI2* competition have not budged from day one with strong dressage performances and near perfect cross-country and showjumping scores keeping the top three firmly in their places. Will Enzinger and Wenlock Aquifer took second and Teegan Ashby and Rockingham No Reason third.

1          Gabrielle Pither on Max Almighty

2          Wilhelm Enzinger on Wenlock Aquifer

3          Teegan Ashby on Rockingham No Reason

CCI 1 star

After leading the field from start-to-finish Will Enzinger has secured first and third place in the CCI1* competition  on his rides Pahia Wilhelm and Bellhaven Sanskrit  in this year’s Melbourne International Horse Trials (MIHT) at Werribee Park.

Enzinger said it had been a fantastic event and congratulated organisers for moving the dressage and showjumping phases into the open-air Polaris Arena.

“I think we are going to see lots more confident rounds out there in the open-air arena and better showjumping results because of that.

“Bellhaven Sanskrit just really wanted to get in the air and do the job giving me the confidence to get out there and be positive with Pahia Wilhelm.

“It was a bit messy but I still felt confident to go round,” said Mr Enzinger.

Megan Jones took second on Kirby Park Impress after clear rounds in cross-country and showjumping.

1          Wilhelm Enzinger on Paihia Wilhelm

2          Megan Jones on Jayay Dom Perignon

3          Wilhelm Enzinger on Bellhaven Sanskrit

Regards Walter

8 June 2014

Tinney outjumps fellow Olympians on cross-country at MIHT – Leaders after Cross country day at Melbourne International Horse Trials

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After a day of near perfect conditions at the Melbourne International Horse Trials the leaders are as follows For the CCI*** class Stuart Tinney on Pluto Mio is now currently in first place after overnight leader Sonja Johnson on Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison slipped to second place after incurring just 1.6 time faults on the Cross country course. Shane Rose on Shanghai Rose is still in third place with Johnson on her second ride Belfast Mojito in fourth place. It’s tight at the top with only 0.19 points between them.

For the CCI** class there has been no movement caused by the Crosscountry. Overnight leader Gabrielle Pither on Max Almighty is still in first place. Wilhelm Enzinger  on Wenlock Aquifer is currently in second with Teegan Ashby on Rockingham No Reason in third.

The CCI* class has 4 riders sharing the first 8 places after the cross country with less than a rail between the first 6 places. First is Wilhelm Enzinger on Paihia Wilhelm, second Lauren Balcomb on Guido Hatzis, third Megan Jones on Kirby Park Impress The final and deciding round, showjumping, is set to be fierce competition as a record AU$50,000 prize pool on offer, shared across the CCIJ1*, CCI1*, CCI2* and CCI3* classes. MIHT Photo: Stuart Tinney and Pluto Mio. Photo credit: Julie Wilson

Tomorrow, horse and rider will compete outdoors in the European-style open-air Polaris Arena from 9.00am. Tickets are available at the gate. More information on the MIHT can be found by visiting   Regards Walter News – Views – Reviews – Free Classifieds at HorseOz ForSale

7 June 2014

Three-Day Camaraderie | The Chronicle of the Horse

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What sets eventing apart from all other sports, and even most other equestrian disciplines, is the people.

Three-Day Camaraderie | The Chronicle of the Horse.

27 May 2014

Did Frangible Pins Save Lives at Badminton? | Eventing Nation – Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary

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Did Frangible Pins Save Lives at Badminton? | Eventing Nation - Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary

Did Frangible Pins Save Lives at Badminton? | EventingNation – Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary.

23 May 2014

e-Venting » ‘Feel’ XC, and Making Vital Decisions.

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e-Venting » ‘Feel’ XC, and Making Vital Decisions..

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