New Tom Roberts book available at the Trade Fair at the Australian 3 Day Event

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This book is in two parts, the first part, written by Nicki Stuart (an ex-ABC Landline reporter), provides insights into how Tom influenced people’s lives with horses. This section contains many quotes from people who personally knew Tom.


In the second part, Dr Andrew McLean (winner of the highest science award in Australia the ‘Eureka Prize for Science’) gives readers an understanding of why Tom’s methods worked with horses, and compare with our current day knowledge about horse training theories.


Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards continuing the educational opportunities for horse owners, including film conservation, audio books and preservation of donated items through the non-profit organisation, Horse SA.


The book is $29.99 and available at the 3DE from  ‘Empowerment4Riders’ and the ‘Equitrek’ stand nearest entry gate


120 pages, black and white/ 33 images
Soft cover. A5 size?