Essentials For A Horse Riding Adventure

Essentials For A Horse Riding Adventure

Whether you intend to go on a routine trail ride or are planning a unique excursion on horseback, there are some items which are essential to having a safe adventure. To create a riding kit, you should remember to bring backup devices to protect your horse, such as a hoof pick and easyboot. For your own sake remember to bring a map, cell phone, and other safety devices as well. And consider sunscreen and insect repellant that can benefit both participants.

Photo by Chris Murray

Bring Spares  In Case Something Breaks

No matter how long your ride is, it’s important to bring emergency supplies to benefit your horse. A lost horseshoe or similar accident can happen even on short trips. Forcing your adventuring pal to walk even a short distance could give them long-term damage. An easyboot, much like a spare tire for cars, is a can help them in an emergency.

Include A Bag With Vital Supplies For Yourself

Remember to pack one bag with essentials for your own sake, though. Add crucial survival items like a map, compass, and some dried foods to your pack in case you get lost or hurt. A lot of people underestimate how disoriented you may feel if you receive an injury during a riding adventure, and it may make even familiar terrains seem strange. A first aid kit and a cell phone should also be part of your kit so that you can contact help if an accident arises.

Take Preventive Measures In Case Your Horse Is Spooked

If you’re building a riding kit include emergency provisions such as extra food for yourself, as well as emergency provisions for your mount as well. If you plan to stay away for an extended period, bring supplies to help both of you deal with exposure to sudden changes in the weather, such as plastic bags or ponchos to help keep the rain off of you in the event of rain.