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Fight for survival of wartime breed

Their hardiness, endurance and ability to perform under extreme conditions saw Walers earn praise from one English Lieutenant Colonel as “the finest cavalry mounts in the world”. Source: Fight for survival of wartime breed

Diablo – A Legend | Lusitano Horse Finder

  The story of the amazing Diablo a Stallion with no eyes stars in films, gallops along beaches , climbs mountains trains young horses with his rider Dylan Jones Source: Diablo – A Legend | Lusitano...

Equestrian Air Vests: What You Need To Know

Eventers have been wearing body protectors on the cross-country course for decades, and, in recent years, self-inflating air vests have become more common. We talked to Charles Owen’s Danielle Santos and USEF Team Physician Dr. Mark...

Social Media Sh*t Show

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like a shit rider because you fell off or were eliminated? Then, in an attempt to forget your shortcomings, you turn to social media only...