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Riding After a Fall

with Dr Amanda Jefferys Registered Clinical and Health Psychologist. B. Psych (Hons). M Health Psych. Doctorate of Clinical and Health Psych. MAPS. Registered Fitness Professional Source: Riding After a Fall

Is My Horse At Risk for COVID-19?

At the time of writing there have been 1,029 scientific papers published on COVID-19—two papers in 2019 and 1,027 in 2020! This illustrates how acute the emergence of this pandemic has been. I certainly can’t claim...

Corneal Ulcers with Dr Denis Goulding

Corneal ulcers are one of the most common injuries that can occur with horses and should be treated as a matter of urgency to ensure the eye sight is not compromised. Source: Corneal Ulcers with Dr...

How Arena Surfaces Affect Horse Biomechanics – YouTube

An ideal arena surface allows horses to move efficiently through these phases. The surface should minimize concussion, absorb shock, provide support, and return energy back to the horse. To accomplish this the surface should have a...